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Spooky Action at a Distance is a collection, displayed online and offline, that explores subconscious, instantaneous and spooky interactions between people separated by distance.


Spooky action at a distance, as Einstein called quantum entanglement, describes a relationship of particles where an event in one part of the universe could instantaneously affect another event no matter how far away in space. If people were particles, what would quantum entanglement look like? 


21 people, from 9 countries and 17 cities form the particles of this entanglement. The particles, friends and colleagues of artist, researcher and facilitator of spooky actions, Pragya Bhargava, engage with this experiment through the contribution of postcard(s) sent to one common location. For every postcard that is made for the show, Pragya has created a postcard in return. Entanglers have created the postcards  independently, at nearly the same time  and in different geographical locations, having no prior knowledge of what other traveling postcards carry. The content of each postcard remains a mystery until they all arrive for the show.


This show is thus an experiment on quantum entanglement between people who are distances apart through the facilitation of measurements and interactions. It is a collection of the spooky action of coincidences, similarities and relationships not just between the traveling postcards but also the actions of particles involved. 


Alia Ahmad ~ Pragya Bhargava

Aparajitha Vaasudev ~ Pragya Bhargava

Aya Hastwell ~ Pragya Bhargava

Ceyda Oskay ~ Pragya Bhargava

Chrisoula Konstantakou ~ Pragya Bhargava

Ean Nicole ~ Pragya Bhargava

Heather Gutentag ~ Pragya Bhargava

Judy Nakazato ~ Pragya Bhargava

Lalitha Bandaru ~ Pragya Bhargava

Marisa Ferreira ~ Pragya Bhargava

Prerna Kannan ~ Pragya Bhargava

Rajeswari Bandaru ~ Pragya Bhargava

Sahaya Sharma Kapur ~ Pragya Bhargava

Sally Stenton ~ Pragya Bhargava

Sarah Praill ~ Pragya Bhargava

Silvi Naçi ~ Pragya Bhargava

Srayana Sanyal ~ Pragya Bhargava

Svetlana Atlavina ~ Pragya Bhargava

Vanessa Kent ~ Pragya Bhargava

Vickie Aravindhan ~ Pragya Bhargava

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