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Ode to the Landscape


The human population is growing at an irrepressible pace, consequentially the demand for space and resources is also rising at an alarming rate. The once ubiquitous natural landscapes thus face an incessant threat as they continue to perish.


‘Ode to the Landscape’ is a response to the heedless destruction of nature and a celebration of everything we have at risk.


It is a dedication to nature and the natural landscapes that left me awestruck by their overpowering beauty and serenity. Through it, I try to remember, preserve and immortalize my memories and experiences of these landscapes that I fear will disappear forever.

Using the prints of landscapes I have photographed, I use image transfer technique to not only portray the disappearance of natural landscapes but also to remember and rejoice in the magnificence of nature. Transferring the images not only helps me to reconstruct the landscapes by piecing images together but also make me cognizant about their gradual but steady erasure.

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