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Letters to India 


This is an ongoing series of works being developed through online exchanges with participants across age groups and socio-economic backgrounds. The research questions how we form, exchange and influence earthly and cosmic landscape narratives through art making and investigates the role of personal and collective experiences of landscape through participatory and collaborative engagement with people. It studies the quality and value of exchanges that occur through online mediation in contrast with offline and in-person exchanges.


Synchronicity and resonance in the experience of and engagement with  landscapes are embodied in the work and studied using experiments with different drawing tools, led by observations, memories and visual aids. The series is being developed through exchange, analysis, curation and construction of co-created dialogues emerging from the collaborations. The lines, marks and colours are borrowed from the works of participants. Individual responses hold a firm place in the collective narrative formed within the reinterpretations. 


The participatory approach undertaken in this research presents the opportunity to not only introduce participants and co-creators to ways of observing, thinking, articulating and expressing but also to bring fresh perspectives of the participants into the present narratives of the subject. 

Sunset over the  Thames
Installation View
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