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In 2016 I cofounded a social fund-raising initiative called Krayons. It was a collaboration between The Shri Ram School, its alumni association where I was a board member, and my other cofounders. For me, this project was an intensive study in the relation of art and community. The entire school ecosystem was connected to the social cause through an open call that culminated in an art exhibition and an art auction. The first year of the open call for art received over 400 entries from which a curated selection of 70 artworks were auctioned and 130 artworks were exhibited at the one day fundraising  event. The exhibition featured artworks ranging across mediums including acrylic, water colours, pastels, mixed media and photography. The money raised through the process was donated to a school in Kargil, India. Art became a method of sharing and engaging in a critical dialogue and a means of taking concrete actions towards bringing about social change. 

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