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Dark Matter Manifesto

The Manifesto is a collective sensory and visual exploration of dark matter. Dark matter as a form of matter that cannot be seen presents an idiosyncratic opportunity for speculation and conjecture.

The manifesto is a material exploration of the current knowledge and understanding on the subject, aiming to present a comprehensive, qualitative and visual dialogue on the subject. 


Studying the characteristics and descriptions that form our current understanding of dark matter is done through the handling of drawing tools and the gestures of painting. Through these methods a Dark Matter Manifesto is being developed that will become the basis for social exchanges and collective fabulation on what dark matter could visually be. New discoveries, connections, similarities and divergences emerge as the responses grow and the works are viewed in relation to each other.  


Questions that lead this research ask how we unravel, exchange and consolidate findings about dark matter through co-created paintings, collaged narratives and shared experiences? How do we, artists, scientists and other curious audiences alike, understand dark matter and what can be learnt of dark matter through the study of materiality and material distortions? Further, how can scientific concepts, discoveries and advancements become accessible to a wide audience through a socially engaged art methodology?

The manifesto is being developed through online workshops with different communities in India and internationally in collaboration with participants from various age groups and backgrounds. 


Aya Hastwell, Ean Nicole Konopnicki, Svetlana Atlavina, Sally Stenton, Sarah Praill, Aarti, Anjali, Deep, Gulnahar, Krishna, Nihal, Sonia, Vijay

Special thanks to: 

Artreach, Kiran Nadar Museum of Art and Udayan Care 

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