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Chaka Chak 

This work was a commissioned installation and public engagement project developed for Reckitt Benckiser and Global Citizen India to celebrate the successful completion of their Dettol School Hygiene project. The work was installed at the Chaka Chak Mela in New Delhi, India which was attended by over 500 students, teachers and members of the public. The theme of the event was an Indian carnival, or a mela and the installation was inspired by the design and decor characteristic of melas in India. 

The Chaka Chak art installation was developed in two parts. The first consisted of six painted jute murals and the second was a participatory approach focused on hands on experience and learning through tactile engagement. Together they combined hygiene education with art making techniques and involved over 500 participants. The murals, painted on jute, illustrated the steps of hand washing and the collaboration on the event day introduced students to collagraph making using recycled materials. Each student created one plate which was printed for them to take home and one to contribute to the installation. The final exhibit created a walkthrough gallery setup consisting of murals and prints inspired by healthy hygiene practices and made in collaboration with the participating students.  

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